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For my Rosetta Stone Japanese Review I thought I would start with my journey of learning Japanese.

Wanting To Learn a New Language

At some point in your life, I think everyone has considered trying to learn a new language. Most of the time I think this stems from pure curiosity. That Introduction to Spanish course in High school just was not enough, or perhaps they took a vacation to Paris and thought it would be a great idea to learn to speak French once they returned home. I think we are all guilty of an episode like that!

However, there are other scenarios as well. There are circumstances in life in which you find yourself being required to learn a foreign language. For instance, what do you do when you land a job that requires overseas travel, or some of your family members move to another country, like say…Japan!?!! That happened to me. Visiting them meant I needed to have some rudimentary Japanese language skills in order to be able to communicate effectively. Otherwise I would have been held captive, relying on strangers and makeshift hand gestures for my navigation. That was not a thought I relished at all.


Rosetta Stone Japanese Review – The Benefit

So I took time to scour the internet looking for a way to learn some Japanese. There were many free lessons, but they were very cumbersome and had concepts I was not familiar with. I found myself revisiting those lessons time after time, trying to understand what I was supposed to be learning. I even found sites with numbers on them. “Learn to Count to Ten in Japanese” they said. Sadly, I was as lost on those sites as I was on the other ones.

Looking for paid options seemed to yield better results, but there were drawback as well. Most of those courses were comprehensive and would take months to complete. I did not have months. I needed to learn fast! Then I ran across an ad for the Rosetta Stone Japanese Set.

I had remembered hearing about them before, but they had completely escaped my mind! I looked into their courses and found that they were easy to use. The most common phrases and relevant conversational situations are presented within the course material. I would be able to retain what I was learning. The concepts build on each other quickly and the pace would be easy. I was going to learn Japanese!


Rosetta Stone Japanese Review – The Value

Once I got started, I was more than impressed! I had heard that Japanese was one of the hardest languages to master, and it still may be, but The Rosetta Stone Japanese Language Set gave me the skills I needed to communicate effectively. I was learning to speak without a script! I would be able to share my ideas and opinions. I could talk politics, media matters, or business. The possibilities were endless and I was not tied to a book of phrases that I had to whip out of my back pocket every time I needed to ask where the nearest bus stop was. The learning value I got from Rosetta Stone far exceeded my expectations.

Not to mention the price. Forget those other sites with courses that cost thousands of dollars. The Rosetta Stone Japanese Set only cost me a few hundred. And it was money well spent too! They have a couple of different purchase options too. You can download a desktop version and have everything stored in one place or you can also choose an online subscription if that suits your needs better. The second option gave me the most flexibility so I went with that. I was able to access my lessons while I was on the go. I found that to be very handy and convenient.


Rosetta Stone Japanese Review – How it Works

No Rosetta Stone Japanese Review would be complete without analyzing how it achieves its goal of teaching you Japanese.

Rosetta Stone works by teaching you the language the way you first learned to speak your native language, through a process they call Dynamic immersion. This is the award winning method of choice for many institutions and language schools across the globe. Through the Rosetta Stone Dynamic Immersion process you will accomplish four things:

You will learn the language naturally – This means you learn how to communicate without hours of memorization or the tedious task of translation. This is because you are learning the language in a natural way, just like you first learned to speak.

You will be able to speak confidently – Rosetta Stone employs speech recognition technology. This really helps you nail your pronunciation over time. You can practice with other learners online and really begin to sound like a native.

You will experience Immersion – You will be surrounded by your new language as you learn. Whether it is core lessons, or online sessions, Rosetta Stone promises to keep you fully engaged.

You will be motivated – Rosetta Stone uses what they call dedicated success agents. These are simply people who make sure you never lose site of your goals. They will give you a sense of accomplishment with each achievement which will keep you motivated to learn more.


All of these combine to make for one fantastic learning experience. I would walk around the house speaking Japanese to my family and watch them look slightly impressed. I found that in a few weeks I could communicate in Japanese! There are no words to describe that feeling. I was elated. This only added to my experience as a whole, which I found to be fun and enjoyable.

The help from the online community was particularly helpful. I could hop online at anytime and speak with other learners. This allowed me to brush up on concepts I might be “stuck” on such as pronunciation or dialogue. It was a lot of fun!

In all, I am more than glad that I chose to buy the Rosetta Stone Japanese Set for my language learning needs. The immersion method of learning was really helpful. The price was very manageable and the delivery options were flexible. I found the course to be enjoyable and easy to use. You can order your course right here. You will not be disappointed!


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