Is Rosetta Stone Japanese Worth it?

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Is Rosetta Stone Japanese Worth it? Why Would I Want to Purchase it anyway?

Good questions! The Japanese language is spoken by many people and knowing the language can be useful for business purposes. In fact, there are great many well-paid teaching jobs exist in Japan for native English speakers.

However, it’s difficult for teachers, business personnel, and those traveling to the region for fun to find their way around without being able to understand the language. That’s where Rosetta Stone comes into play.

This software focuses primarily on helping customers learn to speak reasonably fluent Japanese in a natural way, without the standard canned script that most school curriculums follow.

So by now you’re probably wondering:

I’ve heard something about Rosetta Stone before…

We’ve all heard numerous articles and commercials about how wonderful this system is at teaching people a new language. Rosetta Stone products are said to make learning foreign tongues quick and easy.

Basically all one has to do is pop the disks into their home computer, then listen and learn. There is no memorization, grammar tables, or even books!

Which is where it begins to sound a bit questionable. Could it really be that simple or is this some sort of highly priced gimmick? Is Rosetta Stone Japanese Worth it?

So, we decided to learn the truth for ourselves.


How it works:

According to the product’s website, the Rosetta Stone software uses their patented Dynamic Immersion method to teach language.

Or, in plain English, this means that there are no translations or explanations of grammar. The complicated part is skipped in favor of natural learning techniques that have been lying dormant in your mind since childhood.

I could go for that since I was forever mixing up verb tenses in foreign language classes in school and still haven’t forgiven them for ruining my otherwise high average.

The site goes on to add that Rosetta Stone has speech-recognition technology that allows users to correct their pronunciation and speak confidently in group settings. Customers are given 3 months of complimentary access to language session taught by native speakers as well as the Rosetta Stone online community.

Sounds good so far! This way I will know that I’m pronouncing things correctly and being understood. After all, if you mispronounce every other word, you could be ordering dinner and end up accidentally insulting someone’s grandmother by mistake. Not a good way to make friends.


Does the Japanese Rosetta Stone work?

Yes, it does. In fact, this product is used by the American military, NASA, and over ten thousand schools. Amazon is full of reviews from highly satisfied customers?. Here are some of the highlights:

“Took me a day or two to get the hang of the teaching style, no translations, but once I figured it out I began learning as if it were my first language! Highly recommended to anyone looking to diversify their language skills!”

“Although I have taken Japanese in High school for 3 years, going back over the material and relearning the basics makes my Japanese stronger.”

“The Rosetta Stone program is both an excellent choice for those who do not enroll in courses, and an excellent accessory for those who do…Rosetta Stone lives up to its philosophy by presenting the new language with both visual and audio stimuli. In this way, mental encoding is strengthened by the consolidation of multiple memory systems. For students who are limited by their funds, the Rosetta Stone program is an economical no-brainer…. have used this Rosetta Stone program both before a 4-credit introduction level course at an accredited university, and then again after, prior to writing this review.”

~Japanese Rosetta Stone Reviews


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I get by without purchasing extra books in Japanese?
A: Yes, but doing so is highly recommended. Reading children’s books in another language is a good way to master the basics such as alphabets and proper syntax.

Q: What about English translations?
A: The method followed by Rosetta Stone does not use supplementary information to teach materials to their students. Children naturally learn their primary language by listening, speaking, writing and reading materials in only one tongue. The Rosetta Stone works to mimic this learning style, which is why there are no translations.

Q: Is this program appropriate for children?
A: Yes but, as with anything else, how much they will be able to grasp depends a great deal on the child in question and their motivations for learning.

Q: How long will each level take me to complete?
Each level will take about 45 hours to complete, which sounds like a long time but it is really only a bit more than a full week’s worth of work. Of course, everyone’s learning style is different and some people learn faster than other.

Q: Will the software cease to function after my subscription expires?
A: Of course not! You’ve bought and paid for it and it is yours to keep forever. The 3 month trial subscription is only for the online classes.

But something has been nagging at the back of your mind this entire time. You have one final question left:

Couldn’t I just take a class at the local college to learn Japanese? Wouldn’t that be more effective?

Comparatively speaking, that’s a rather expensive and ineffective way to learn.

Even at the cheapest colleges, one course can easily run over $1,000 and the Rosetta Stone is much cheaper than that. If you are wealthy and more interested in making friends than learning, go right ahead with the college course. But it’s definitely not the most economical idea.

College courses also tend to use traditional methods of translating one language to another and then back again. This makes repeated switching two languages back and forth a laborious, time-consuming, and daunting process.

Instead, the Rosetta Stone helps their customers think wholly in their new language without bothering with tedious translations.

Are you convinced yet that the answer to the question “Is Rosetta Stone Japanese worth it” is “Yes!”.


Yes! Where can I purchase Rosetta Stone Japanese Set?

As with any other Rosetta Stone product, the Japanese version can be purchased online through Amazon.


Is Rosetta Stone Japanese worth it?  Still not convinced, click here for more information.