What You Need to Know Before You Buy the Rosetta Stone Japanese Set

What You Need to Know About Rosetta Stone Japanese Set


Before you go spend any money on trying to learn Japanese you need to read this first! Many products on the market claim to give you the same results that Rosetta Stone can give, but they are wrong. There is only one gold standard for foreign language learning and that is Rosetta Stone Japanese. Don’t be duped into buying second rate material from a third rate competitor. The Rosetta Stone Japanese course is the only effective way to learn Japanese in a way that will allow you to interact effectively with others. Other similar claims are false and can not be trusted!

Why? Years of research and testing has goes into designing the Rosetta Stone Japanese language learning method. Dynamic Immersion is the only proprietary, proven method for delivering language to you the way you first learned it. There is no other substitute. There is no equal, Do not spend money any an other course claiming to give you the same results!

It will never happen. Rosetta Stone Japanese is the only course with proven results and satisfied customers WORLDWIDE!


How Does it Work?

Developed by Rosetta Stone, the dynamic immersion method of learning does what most traditional course do not. Most courses bring the language to you. You know what I am talking about. Countless hours spent memorizing words, verb tenses, and sentence structure. Those courses bring the language to you. The Rosetta Stone Japanese language learning course does exactly the opposite. Remember that dynamic immersion method I mentioned a minute ago? It puts you in the language.

This is how you first learned your native language. You learned words as they were spoken yes, but there was so much more. You absorbed everything around you in order to learn to communicate. Every person you came into contact with gave you more information to process. Rosetta Stone Japanese works much the same way. By placing you inside the language environment, you are able to learn the language much quicker than you would by traditional language school methods.


What is Involved?

Rosetta Stone Japanese contains four components that ensure you will learn Japanese as quickly as possible. First, there is their patented speech recognition technology. This will help guide you through pronunciation and help you learn to speak the language more fluidly over time. Rosetta Stone Japanese also uses dedicated success agents to help you achieve certain milestones. Their main job is to keep you motivated by helping you celebrate each success.

There are also interactive games that help you memorize and digest your language material. Fun and rewarding, they make the process more relaxed. There is also a live learning community where you can go and interact with other learners. This proves very helpful for helping with areas you might get stuck or hung up on.

All of this combines to create the dynamic immersion method that is specific to Rosetta Stone Japanese. By creating four different methods of delivery they are immersing you in the language learning experience. This drastically speeds up the process of learning Japanese. Once you try it, you will agree that there is no equal!


What Exactly Will I be Able to Do?

Rosetta Stone Japanese gives you freedom. You will get the freedom you need to communicate effectively with native speakers of Japanese. No more digging around for that little pocket guide to ask where the market is. No more loud, unsuccessful hand gestures (you know exactly what I mean). You will be able to carry on a normal conversation and speak with ease. You will not get anxious when your friend or spouse who is the designated “translator” is not around. You will be the one in control.

In fact, Rosetta Stone Japanese promises you will be able to speak without a script. You will be able to interact with people, not just communicate for navigation purposes. This means you will be able to talk politics with the locals. You can share opinions and communicate your ideas. Your language hands will not be tied. No more awkward smiling when people speak and you have no idea what they are saying. That lost feeling you get when people talk and you don’t understand will not be an issue!

Yet you don’t have to take my word for it. There are hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers and Rosetta Stone Japanese comes with a guarantee. They stand behind their product. The reviews validate their product. Rosetta Stone is the best option for language learning. You don’t want to buy your plane tickets before you buy their product. Otherwise, you might have a wasted trip on your hands!


How Do I Get It?

Now that you have decided that buying the Rosetta Stone Japanese Set is worth it I guess the only question left is where do you get it right? I mean there are all sorts of vendors online. There are stores you could go to as well. However, several places I tried had to order Rosetta Stone Japanese for me (they only carry certain languages in stock as it turns out). I was getting frustrated fast.

I have found the best place to buy it online is Amazon.  It’s one of those big companies so you don’t have to worry about internet security.  Amazingly it’s cheaper than buying it direct from Rosetta Stone! Nope, they already have the course you are looking for so you don’t need to spend time trying to track it down. They just ship it straight out to you!  You already know it is the best on the market. You already know it will deliver proven results.


If you are still not convinced, click here to learn more about the Rosetta Stone Japanese Set